The number one problem in the home care and home health industries is the availability of qualified staff to fill client visits needs. Through smart scheduling and a market place for agencies, employees and contractors, ZEST aims to double the number of daily visits per caregiver resulting in increased revenue for agencies and more income and greater convenience for contractors.


ZEST provides a cloud-based solution for smart scheduling for home care and home health agencies. ZEST scheduling optimizes the matching of caregivers with clients through a patent protected algorithm. Caregivers post their availability and location to the ZEST marketplace while agencies match available caregivers against client needs and location.


The ZEST scheduler automates scheduling by applying the algorithm to open slots against available caregivers with matching skill sets. Once the schedule is generated, a human scheduler can do a quick verification of the suggested matches.


Once the suggested matches are approved by the scheduling coordinator, the ZEST software automatically contacts available caregivers to confirm their availability and reports back to the  coordinator.


This results in an optimized schedule with more visits, higher quality of care and less commute time. The automated ZEST scheduling process is approximately 5 times faster than manual scheduling and twice as efficient. An additional benefit is the freeing up of coordinator time to deal with other administrative tasks within the agency.


Number of

Patient Visits


Less Time

to Schedule


ZEST Scheduling works wonders within the context of a single agency. However, many caregivers and home health professionals are part-time employees or contractors and may work for multiple agencies (just like drivers working for Uber and Lyft).


As a future – even more powerful – vision for ZEST, the company is planning to add a marketplace function where caregivers can sign up and where agencies can access a talent pool beyond their own supply of employees. This helps agencies solve their number one problem – access to qualified caregivers and professionals – while helping contractors and part-timers find additional opportunities for income (“gigs”).

Learn more about how ZEST can help you dramatically improve efficiency in the field while reducing scheduling time in the office to a fraction.